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Porsche Design

Since 1972 Porsche Design is outstanding with its Iconic Style. The luxury brand's products stand and always stood for functional, timeless and purist design.  And  up  to  the  present day, all products follow the same clear, honest  and  uncompromising  philosophy: "If you analyse the function of an object,  its  form often becomes obvious." That is what Professor Ferdinand Alexander  Porsche  said  about  his  design  credo when he established the Porsche  Design  luxury  brand  in  1972.  The  product  portfolio  with  a particular  focus  on technically inspired products consists of a men's and women's  fashion  collection,  a  sports  collection,  accessories  such as sunglasses,  watches,  jewellery,  small leather goods, business and travel luggage as well as electronic products and a men's fragrance line.

For more information: www.porsche-design.com