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Riyad Bank

Riyad Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Saudi Arabia, with a strong and growing corporate and retail banking franchise.

From retail banking to project finance, Riyad Bank is mobilizing its substantial capital base and decades of expertise to take a cutting edge role in Saudi finance. The bank has emerged as a lead financier, arranging and participating in a flow of syndicated loans in the oil, petrochemicals, power and water sector, including some of the kingdoms most notable infrastructure and construction projects.

Additionally, their unique understanding of the Saudi economy and industry help them to continually deliver a range of comprehensive financial services even as far as their offices in London, Houston and Singapore, thus supporting the international banking needs of thier clients.

Riyad Bank has been awarded the highest ratings by the most esteemed international credit rating agencies. Standard & Poors have awarded Riyad Bank A+ and A-1 ratings for long term and short term liabilities respectively; this is the highest credit rating among banks in the Kingdom. Fitch has awarded the bank an A+ rating for long term liabilities and an F1 for short term liabilities. Additionally, Riyad Bank has been awarded an AA- for long term liabilities and an A+ for short term liabilities from Capital Intelligence.

Riyad Bank employs 4768 and has over 246 Branches around the kingdom.

For more information: www.riyadbank.com